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Two Forms

How does my





stubborn             quietness                            become

a quietness  of                                          heart


peace   of things



The first

is                          trudging           unknown

and endless

only knowing want of rest.

The other is life.


Life brilliant


though walking                   this    earth                                all the same.


Abandoning Words & A Posture of Asking


So often, I find myself at a loss for words. Not even the best words, the ones that communicate something from deep within and meet a need, but plain, fitting words. Quiet is good, but when it makes others feel unwelcome, I question its helpfulness.

This loss of words is probably one of the reasons why it’s taken me so long to write on here. I won’t check for the exact number, but there are probably twenty or thirty drafts that were never posted- starts and beginnings that never accomplished what I thought they should.

And conversationally, it’s the same story. Talks where I’ve spoken much and forgotten myself are rare birds.

I think it’s OK. I don’t quite know why it is the case, but it is what it is. There are seasons for just about everything, and my ask, or prayer, is that what is to be done in, and with, this time would be.


Father, creator, if this time is intended to allow me to notice You more than I notice myself, might your grace allow me to do that.

If my lips are to be loosened, might I find that through you.

If I’m to grow closer to whatever is worth speaking, open my heart and mind to those things.

If I’m totally off the mark, well, I give that to You too.