With Fondness of Heart

    This evening I made some hot chocolate. Not that powdered stuff but Ghirardelli cocoa with organic turbinado sugar.   

   As I drank that hot chocolate, one thing kept flowing through my head and simultaneously pulling at that thing in my chest.

        It didn’t have anything to do with that time I tried the Ahwahnee’s signature Firefall, hot chocolate after Christmas-caroling in West Michigan or even that of drinking Ovaltine out of sippy cups on our faux-grass carpet in Ohio.

   I kept thinking about my Dad.

This is him. I think he’s the best.

He’s still in Bolivia and I miss him a ton.

This past year, at one point during my visit, my Dad and I were able to fly to Sucre for a few days. It was a gift for both of our birthdays since they’re relatively close together. Sucre is an old, stereotypical colonial city in Bolivia with white-washed walls, ornate government buildings and the typically massive catholic church. It’s kind of the capital, but not quite.

    It was such a nice trip. The city was extremely peaceful. The students and the teachers were protesting and as a result, roadblocks had emptied the area of pretty much all traffic for the duration of our stay. Dad and I walked all over the place and enjoyed the different restaurants and cafes in the area. We spent a lot of time relaxing at our hostel and I got to do quite a bit of reading.  It was great. We simply did whatever we felt like. Such a nice, relaxing break… It may not sound too exciting but, man, it was living… 

I really enjoyed the time there. I really enjoyed the time with my Dad.

   At one point we made it to Para Ti, a chocolate shop that is one of Sucre’s biggest draws. As we walked in and looked at the menu, an older man who I’m guessing was German sitting at one of the little booths told us in broken English something to the effect of: “I haven’t had real hot cocoa like this since the 1950s”.

    We sat there and ordered some of these famous chocolate drinks and really took our time savoring them as well as the moment itself. That’s something that   Dad has passed on to me. That of appreciating moments, atmosphere, ambience…

(Our Hostel’s Courtyard)

(Real Pizza)

(The Presidential Palace)

(The view from “Los Balcones”)

           So that’s what I’m thinking about right now…

   I’m so thankful for him. I miss him very much. I hope all is well in SC.

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