Short Update

     In case anyone is keeping track, I’m headed back out to Yosemite. All that I plan on is arriving. Pretty much everything after that point is variable. I’d like to eventually work and save up a bit and then head up to Oregon for the bicycle mechanic courses that I wrote of on here a time ago. When I arrive though, I’ll plan on checking in with Human Resources to see about any open jobs, see a few friends and then scope out a camping spot either in Camp 4, behind the Laconte Memorial Library or with friends in Yosemite Village or New Housing in Curry. I have an interview for a “Studio Warehouse Inventory Clerk” position so we’ll see how that goes.

     I lament the fact that I only have a few books, yet my packs still present a fair challenge to cycling gracefully. I am very thankful for those books, though, and also for my bike. Much thanks to my family for the ride and everything else that they have graciously provided, and also to the many persons and churches that have helped make it possible for them to do that… We’ll see what these next few months present. Hope everyone is well…


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