First Night in Yosemite

On a spur of the moment decision, I made the choice to go to Yosemite to visit. There really wasn’t much to do around here so I decided to go and check out the park. Bear lent me a tent and I took off. No car, no phone, no worries. Just a bus, backpack and tent.

When I got to the park I headed to the legendary Camp 4, a rock-climbing mecca where the likes of Dean Potter, Ron Kauk and other famous climbers can often be spotted. I choose site 28,  a spot right next to Midnight Lightning, which is one of the most famous boulders in the world. I began to unpack and set up the tent and soon realized that someone had left the bag containing the poles, stakes, and fly out. I found some string and used some rocks and logs to construct a makeshift excuse for a tent. It wasn’t pretty, especially in the conditions that were, but it worked. I eventually slept IN my sleeping bag and, if I so desired, could poke my head out and watch the stars in the night sky. It was freezing, but it was nice. I enjoyed it.

Before I went to sleep I did explore Yosemite a bit. There’s a film that they show in the park and in it they say that, “Yosemite is one of the few places in the world where it’s beauty is magnified like sunlight through a magnifying glass.” I found this to be true. The scenery is absolutely incredible and nature definitely abounds. There are animals all over the place. I saw deer, coyote, hawks, squirrels, a raccoon, ducks and much more. I guess the bears come out later.

Needless to say, it’s an incredible place. I felt very privileged to be there and even more so knowing that soon I will be living and working there for good.

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