Mar. 6, 2010

“Every two years or so I go to Yosemite because, in my opinion, Yosemite is the most beautiful place in all America.” -Donald Miller

Originally, I was only going to post pictures but as I’ll be putting up a few pictures of the Yosemite Bug Hostel, I should say at least something… The Bug is an “ecohostel/spa” in Midpines. Bear took me there a couple days ago. He said I’d like it, but it really was amazing… Needless to say, I enjoyed the afternoon and evening there. Besides that, not much to add. Oh, Growlie, the pregnant dog in the last post had six puppies. They’re super cute. Today’s been cold, rainy and dreary so I’ve just hung out inside. A nice little break from digging holes for trees. Ah, last thing, “Kites” by Geographer has been in my head quite often lately.


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