Double Rainbow All The Way!

As of February 26th, I’ve been living in Mariposa, California with Paul “Bear” Vasquez. He’s THE double rainbow guy. I’ll be here until I start at Yosemite in about a month more or less.

It’s fun going out in public with him. People recognize him all over the place. He’s been on shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Tosh.O, and has been flown all around the world to speak, do commercials and promotional things. Yesterday morning one of the most popular television shows worldwide, BBC’s Top Gear, called the house to ask if they could use a clip of his in their show.

I’ve been doing work for him like moving and stacking firewood, upturning garden beds and laying down fertilizer, moving boards, raking up debris, throwing rocks down a hill (mhm.. 🙂 ), tending the woodburning stove, feeding the animals (dogs, cat and chickens) and doing dishes.  In other words, I’m a volunteer lumberjack/gardener/farmer/housewife.  It’s been nice though, I’ve had enough work to keep me busy, give me an appetite and make me savor the time off, but I also get enough time to relax and enjoy the area. It really is beautiful From his front yard, where the video was filmed, there are 100 mile views of the edge of Yosemite National Park.

As far as how I got here, it was through the WWOOF program. There should be a link to it on the right. This is the second place that I’ve WWOOF’ed at and both have been great experiences. And as far as finding Paul specifically? It was an accident. I just saw a place that looked nice, contacted him and then saw his couch-surfing profile and recognized him.

Here are a few pictures…

The hat is Bear's wildfire fighting helmet. And the thing behind it? A mirror given to him by Jimmy Kimmel...

Firewood we moved and stacked.

View from the backyard.

Another from the backyard.

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