Goodbye Bolivia… Hello California

Friday morning I flew out of Santa Cruz. It was tough. When traveling, if I consider myself leaving somewhere, rather than going somewhere I suppose I’m a bit down about departing. I already miss my family.

That being said, the trip was a good one. While in the Santa Cruz airport I hung out with a Pulitzer prize winning author. In Miami, while in line I spoke with Kirk Cameron’s mom (who also happens to be DJ from Full House’s mom…).  Sleeping in San Francisco was a surprisingly pleasant experience. It was the best airport I have ever slept in by far 🙂  Along with sleeping in the airport, the next morning I spent some time relaxing and watching a movie. It’s kind of surreal having such a huge structure seemingly all to yourself… San Francisco itself was pretty awesome. The palm trees, farmers market and live music were highlights. It’s fun being in a place where you know that if you’re willing to walk for five minutes, you’re going to see something interesting for sure. After San Francisco, it was time to take buses and a train to Mariposa. That all worked out perfectly. I had never been on a train in the states before and I really enjoyed it. Though, I should confess, I did sleep a fair amount of the trip and the guy with the crazy beard sitting across from me was a definite plus. I made it to Mariposa eventually and there was snow here. I’m thankful that I can say “was”. I need to pick up some shoes and another pair of socks wouldn’t hurt. Alright, I’m taking off… Night.


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