Writing for the Sake of Writing…

…is what I’m doing now.

Too early to write my farewell and too late to write like normal.

Saw a preview for “Howl” today.. I’m really looking forward to seeing that. Not only are Ginsberg, Kerouac and Cassady portrayed in it but Ginsberg will be played by James Franco.  My list of movies I’d like to see now consists of “Love”, the Adventures and Airwaves venture into film,  “I’m Still Here”, the “documentary” on Joaquin Phoenix’s recent forays and “Howl”.

Ulrich Schnauss has been providing my soundtrack lately. He and Tycho. This is the other side of the spectrum of what I consider to be the classical music of electronic music.  On one end you have Above and Beyond and various trance/progressive artists  putting out articulate, engaging tracks and then on the other end you have artists like Ulrich and Tycho, producing tracks that are completely different but still have that complexity, that culture to them. And then, if I mention culture while writing about electronic music, I have to mention Apparat. Apparat, Sascha Ring, Moderat, all of them.  I suppose I should stop writing now before I get carried away. Anyway, I’ve been listening to Ulrich and Tycho in addition to everything on my MP3 player on random…

… I love this painting.. I don’t know who did it, but I think it’s perfect.. Goes well with Ulrich Schnauss‘ “Far Away Trains Passing By”… Alright, I’m gone! 🙂 Time to head to church..


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